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Online Bullying and Cyber Bullying

It is almost impossible to read the news today without hearing about some form of bullying. Whether bullying takes place in a preschool, college sports team or office setting, it is certainly not a new offence. However, there are even more ways that someone can become a bully now in our technologically advanced society. Online.
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Chatroom and Internet Safety: 7 Things Teens Need to Know

Chances are you already know that strangers can be dangerous. What you may not know, however, is how often dangerous strangers are lurking around you with you even knowing it, especially in online chat rooms. If you use online chat rooms, make sure you always remember these seven internet safety tips. 1. Remember that You.
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Chatroom Acronyms, Text Abbreviations

Chat room acronyms are text abbreviations used to quickly express common emotions or actions while typing. The most ubiquitous example would probably be “LOL.” Short for “laughing out loud”, this acronym has made its way out of chat rooms and into popular culture, appearing in movies, TV and print quite often. Acronyms are important in.
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